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    Allow us to quote IAPRI's recent findings presented in its Working Paper no.126 of November 2017: "Zambia remains a nation of mostly smallholder farmers, with persistently high rural poverty rates. Trade is an opportunity to boost farmers’ incomes and support the growth of Zambia, but this needs to start locally. Smallholder farmers need to be able to access markets reliably and cheaply if they are to benefit from selling their produce; this means not only accessing local traders but those traders having low-cost access to national markets and processing facilities...The findings of this work are stark—local trade and transport in Zambia is mired in inefficiency, which adds to the cost of accessing the market, as well as the cost of the end product." We surely feel for our hard working small scale farmers! But take heart, we are here for you.

    Do you need realible market price information? Are you troubled by middle men and kaponyas in most markets in Zambia? Do you need acces to better markets, both local and international? Would you like to supply to big companies and chain stores such as Spar, Pick n' Pay, Shoprite, Food Lovers, Southern Chickens, Zamchick, Cargil, etc? Or indeed, are you a big company in need of these products? Would you like help managing your supply chain needs for farm products?
    Then participate in our markets for Livestock, Poultry, Grain and Vegetable Markets.

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